Basic Bee Lip Saver

Basic Bee Lip Saver

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Your lips will thank you after using our highly moisturizing lip balm! Unlike big brands, there are no drying agents causing you to use more product.

Our natural and organic lip balms are crafted with the highest quality ingredients. Paired with our lip scrubs, you're sure to have the softest, most supple lips around. 

Using a clean finger, gently glide your fingertip across the lip balm to pick up the product; rub on lips, then rub lips together to ensure full coverage. Repeat as necessary.

Warning: for EXTERNAL use only

Ingredients: Organic Olive Oil, Organic Beeswax, Ethically Sourced Mango Butter, Organic Vitamin E. Oil, Raw Honey, Grass-fed Goats Milk Powder and organic stevia 

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